turned on our axis,

we notice dizziness.

we feel shook up,

like someone out of place.

we talk about how God made

worlds from nothing,

but what about how worlds end?

when we take what wasn’t working,

and the what is us.

when created things

notice destruction

do they feel

a responsibility to change?

when resources are placed

in hesitant hands

like a china plate otherwise

kept in a cupboard,

as eyes of onlookers

hold their breaths

and release their sighs,



torn between praying for steadiness

and pleading for numb insides,

or at least closed eyes.

how does one watch the world end

wait for their time to run out;

run from a gong

sounding emergency?

could it be that creating

from something,

is nothing like creating

from nothing.

could it be that making

things meet

is harder than making

things exist.

could it be that death

has to scare us,

has to once again mean something.

could it be that caring for the dying

whilst life goes on,

is an unnatural coupling.

not like care,

and grief.

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