Amanda Lindamood
1 min readSep 15, 2019



I am an echo of my past

time flew too fast

this lyric hits me,


holds onto my wondering mind.

I relearned a word today, syzygy,

the quality of how things align.

the star with the moon

people with places

events in time,

celestial and mundane.

how a chord strums

and it seems to stop,

but you can’t be sure

other than by what grew slower.

maybe if you squint

your perspective will be alerted


or maybe all movement

repeats habitually,

evoked by our consciousness

of something realigned in us.

something trying to anyway.

my horoscope warned me

to take a long view,

to remember all the way back.

it probed a little harshly,

but not unfairly

for me to assign credit

for actions grown into

not by chance.

as astonishing as time is,

it’s never been a change agent.

all it can bring us is syzygy.



Amanda Lindamood

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