There is Everything

Several weeks ago now, I wrote a devotion.

Today my brain pulls out the line,

beyond saying that there is a season

for everything,

this Scripture says only

that there is



my body emotes,

letting the ripples of

everything take on deeper meaning.

I pull in the lyric,

“I hear you as you speak your truth,

worlds below the words you used.”

“…baby when you’re strong enough,”

Celine Cairo sings.

Worlds below.

Words used.


Strong enough.

Show me.


My soul takes hold of each

set of compound words

and draws them close to my chest.

Near my frenetic body

and my calm heart

I hold a 60 inch Hoberman sphere

in front of my mouth,

as I motion





inhale inhale inhale inhale


I view the matter expressed as breath.

Large enough that my whole fetal position

fits within a shell of colored plastic

as it stretches out in front of me.

My body fits here,

and much is still invisible.

And, there is everything.

There is what time has done.

There is what space has done.

There is what prayer has done.

There is what armor of cells have done.

There is what breathing,

and interrupted breath

has done.

I view the matter expressed as breath.

Large enough that my nephew

draped over my younger niece

fit inside with their popcorn bowl.

Casually their relationships to everything

won’t be identical to mine.

Somehow what is ours

isn’t what is mine and yours.

and still a part of everything.



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Amanda Lindamood

Writer. Thinker. Facilitator. Advocate. Invested in accountability for power based violence, creative initiatives, and meaningful, nuanced dialoguing.